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Registration and Authorization

Is there a subscription fee on the site

The Monthly subscription fee is missing. Registration on the site is free.

Is the registration required on the site? Or why I would like to register?

No, the registration on our site is not required. You can choose to register or just pay without it.

But please pay attention that the registration can give you some advantages and make your using of the service more convenient and faster:

firstly, you can keep the whole history of your payments in the Personal Account, also you can quickly repeat the payment – the system will automatically redirect you on the demanded service page. This is very comfortable for regular payments, you don’t need to recollect a number of a contract or an account number, the system duplicates details of the payment and the last amount, you need only to confirm the payment.

Also if you have an account on our site, you can save your payment cards in the Personal Account and don’t need to enter the details of a card every time you pay – all you need to do is to select the desired card from your card list and enter the CVV2-code.

For safety of your card data we don’t save CVV2-codes of bank cards and under no circumstances do not share the information of your cards for third parties.

I forgot my password or can’t log into the system. What should I do?

You can submit your request regarding your login to our Customer Support.

For safety reasons we do not keep passwords of our users, you can change the password by yourself and regain the access to your Personal Account using the Password Remind Form.

Using and Payments

What kind of cards are accepted?

Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard Cirrus, MasterCard Maestro, PROSTIR issued by any Ukrainian or international bank are accepted. Please, note that Mastercard Electronic cards are not accepted for online payments due to Mastercard limitations.

What is the CVV2/CVS2 code?

The CVV2/CVC2 code is a digital security code, which is on the back side of your card Visa, MasterCard. For security purposes, please, use the on-screen keyboard to enter a CVV2-code.

Where to find CVV2/CVC2

My VISA Electron or Cirrus/Maestro has no CVC2/CVV2 code. What should I do?

To receive this code you need to contact the Customer Support of your bank. Some banks provide this information to their clients only after authorization.

Are there any payment amount limits on your Service?

Yes, limitations on the payment amount are present for some services, but they are different for every service provider.

You can see the minimum and maximum payment amount on the page for entering payment details.

Where can I see the full cost of the service?

A lot of service providers, various conditions of a service delivery, the use of payment cards of different banks, and a possible temporary unavailability of some suppliers do not provide the ability to specify the cost of the service before entering payment details.

You always see the full cost of the service before entering the details of your card and the payment commitment. Choose a service, input your data (personal account number or etc.), the required amount for deposit into an account, and press “Continue”. On the next page you will see the full service cost, which will be charged from your payment card.

Paying via the card of partner banks, you have the opportunity to receive the service under more favorable conditions.

How can I receive a payment confirmation?

You have the option to save or print a receipt obtained after the payment. Authorized users have the whole history and receipts in their Personal Accounts. To look them up, please, click the "Payments". If you wish to receive payment confirmations by your email, you should choose an appropriate option in the settings of "My Profile" section.

How fast will a service provider receive the payment?

Communication with most of service providers occurs online.

So if the service provider supports payment mode instant access (for example, mobile operators, Internet providers, telecom services, etc.) the procedure is faster and your payment will be received within several minutes. Interaction with other service providers occurs in individual term – service provider is notified after each successful payment or receives the total list for the previous day, etc.

In this case a service provider receives the payment within three banking days after transaction on

Payment Problems

I can’t pay an order with my credit card, why and what should i do?

Make sure your bank card is active to pay in the Internet. If it’s not, you can activate the card within a few minutes - just contact the call center of your bank and ask the operator to activate the card.

Make sure that the allowable balance of your card to pay online is not below the required amount. To increase the card limit, contact the call center of your bank and ask the operator to increase the balance up to the required amount or just do it by yourself using the internet banking.

Make sure that the fund balance on your card is sufficient for payment the order.

What happens if I have insufficient funds on my card for the payment?

When the system makes a transaction, the information is sent to the issuing bank of the card. The bank confirms or denies the transaction. The transaction may be denied due to insufficient funds. However, customers with credit cards can make payments, even if they have negative balance.

Only the issuing bank can open a credit line on your card and set its amount, as well as provide information about your card balance. The bank can also provide you with all information about successful and rejected transactions.

What is "Card Verification"?

Verification - is the identification of the cardholder. Verification relieves some of payment restrictions.Verification of the payment card makes sure that it is used by the rightful owner.

How to pass the card verification?

  1. Register on the site
  2. Log in with your username and password.
  3. Go to section "Payment Cards"
  4. Enter and save details of the payment card.
  5. 5. Click on the word “verification”, use the on-screen keyboard to enter a CVV2-code, then enter a verification code (contact the call center of your bank and ask the operator for this code, it is 6 digits specified in the transaction comment PLATEGKA (XXXXXX)). On the next step you will get the message that the verification was successful.

Payment Security

What safety measures are used by and what are the security guarantees?

To ensure data safety uses international Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS v3.1).

PCI DSS standard provides not only the secure transmission of payment card details over the Internet, but also prevents company staff from getting an access to sensible information. More about security