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General Information

Under the condition of the rising market of internet trading, convenience of customers' payments is a vast privilege for each service. allows you to make a quick and secure payment via your MasterCard, Visa or PROSTIR payment card, - this will make the purchase process significantly quicker and easier.

What do we offer?

  • The universal payment gateway for bank cards acceptance on a website.
  • Simple integration.
  • The payment page adapted to the design of your service.
  • Notifications about transactions, daily registers.
  • Statistic and detailed payment history.
  • Risk management system and fraud protection.
  • Customer support in a case of difficulties during payment.

Benefits that your company receives:

  • The increase of a sale conversion.
  • The available and reliable payment mechanism.
  • Reducing the time of payment collection by reducing the time between the date of putting a receipt to the customer and the date of his joining the bank.
  • Reduced cost of internet acquiring due to the intelligent system of transaction routing.

Advantages of over other services:

  • Integration to the service and its further use is produced FREE OF CHARGE.
  • The subscription fee is also MISSING!
  • The ability of integration to an unlimited number of acquirer’s processing centers and intelligent system of transaction routing.
  • High security payments: 3D Secure, fraud-monitoring of transactions, certification of PCI DSS.
  • An adapted interface of payment page. Your client won’t leave the site to go to a secure page of a processing bank.

Financial conditions

We do not charge our Partners additional fees or deposits. You can immediately understand the financial component that provides transparency and strength of our partnership.

What commission is taken for processing? Standard commission for medium and small companies is 3%* of payment amount and may be distributed in any proportion between you and the client.
When and how payments will be transferred? All payments will be transferred to your current account within 3 banking days.
Integration to the system 0 UAH. (Free)
Is there a subscription fee for the use of the payment service? 0 UAH. (Missing)
Adaptation of the payment page interface to your website design (service) 0 UAH.
Support of your clients during payment 0 UAH.
Notification of transactions by e-mail 0 UAH.
How will protect your business from fraud? Payments made on your site will be checked by using a 3D-Secure protocol and monitoring fraudulent transactions.

* Depending on the type of your business (or the activity), the turnover and the transaction count, tariff policy may be revised.

We are interested in the sustained development not only of our own business, but also in the development of our Partners’ business. With an increase of turnover, we are open for dialogue and are ready to revise the existing conditions in your favour.

Contact us, we will be glade to propose the best financial conditions and to provide you a high quality service!

Anti-fraud System and the transaction monitoring

Main goals of monitoring transactions are: to prevent fraudulent transactions and increase the conversion by processing unsuccessful transactions.

Today payment system solutions by pay attention to these issues and are able to increase the conversion rate of payments on your site.

What are the possible reasons of the uncompleted payment?

  • Invalid input of card details.
  • Invalid input of the 3D Secure code.
  • Restrictions and limits on the customer’s card.
  • Problems with the browser.
  • Restrictions on your site from the acquiring bank.
  • Suspicion in a fraudulent operation, etc.

What are advantages of a transaction monitoring?

  • Customer Support during payments.
  • The control of payment passability.
  • The ability to inform a reason of refusal for each unsuccessful attempt of payment.
  • Provision of recommendations for the elimination of reasons that interfere the successful completion of the payment.
  • If the payment is blocked due to the discrepancy to existing rules, we will help to remove limits from the side of the acquiring bank.

All transactions are verified by the intelligent protection system against fraudulent transactions.

What result will you get?

You will get the increase in the number of successful payments, and as a result, the increase in cash flows.

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