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Google Pay

Google Pay™ is a digital wallet, which enables simple and fast card payments, without the need to enter the card data for each payment. The card data is safely stored by Google. This payment method is available for all devices (mobile phones and computers), irrespective of the operating system and web browser.

In case of Google Pay usage, Acceptor is obligated to comply with the provisions of the following regulations.

Note: the description below applies to provision of this service directly by displaying the Google Pay lightbox at the website of (same for branded payment pages) or in the mobile application.

Web integration

If you wish to offer this method via branded payment page, no additional integration effort is required. Just ask your manager at to enable Google Pay method for your service

Android integration

To integrate the mobile application with the Google Pay method, proceed according to the instructions placed at this website:

We do support PAYMENT_GATEWAY integration only. Also, MASTERCARD and VISA are the only acceptable for allowedCardNetworks value.

CARD is the only supported payment method.

PAN_ONLY and CRYPTOGRAM_3DS both are supported for authentication methods (allowedAuthMethods).

In common, both gateway and gatewayMerchantId parameters should be received for each order in types request (see details in Payment API).

            "params": {
                "gateway": "plategkacom",
                "gatewayMerchantId": "YOUR_PLATEGKACOM_MERCHANT_ID",
                "merchantId": "B2DSF4GHOZVXDO",
                "merchantName": "BestShopOfTheWorld",
                "totalAmount": 2000
            "title": "Google Pay",

There is no billing address required from client.

Here is an example of all settings:

allowedAuthMethods = ["PAN_ONLY", "CRYPTOGRAM_3DS"];
allowedCardNetworks = ["MASTERCARD", "VISA"];
tokenizationSpecification.type = "PAYMENT_GATEWAY";
tokenizationSpecification.parameters.gateway = "plategkacom";
tokenizationSpecification.parameters.gatewayMerchantId = "YOUR_PLATEGKACOM_MERCHANT_ID".

Example of pay request from client's device to endpoint with encrypted payment data (paymentToken) received from your application:

	"type": "pay",
	"cid": "3v14",
	"data": {
		"type_id": "10",
		"gpay": {
			"gid": "plategkacom",
			"paymentToken": "{\"signature\":\"MEQCIE+C5jxmVCCPLIqanuT8...BYn19KTAtv34ZffskT/j1Aw\\\\u003d\\\"}\"}",
			"mps": "MASTERCARD",
			"cardTitle": "MC WBEdition •••• 9654"
		"receiveCheque": 0,
		"email": ""

Please note that it may be necessary to handle a redirect of the request to the 3D Secure authentication page (described in Payment API).

Example of pay response with data for 3DS redirect on client side:

    "redirect": {
		"url": "",
		"method": "post",
		"data": {
			"TermUrl": "",
			"PaReq": "eJxVUttymzAQ/RUN70V...rf/+6A08jNRf",
			"MD": "191622577-C11DC248C9F6AB55"
		"text": "Зачекайте... Сторінка направляється на сервер оплати..."

Error codes in Google Pay

List of standard errors returned by Google Pay lightbox can be found on the Google Developers site.